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More Meditation Timer

More Meditation Timer is a practical tool for enhancing your meditation experience. Create your ideal personal meditation experience for your Mindfulness Meditation or any other timed meditation.

Create a personalized multi-phase meditation and set the time you need for preparation, meditation and cooling down (and additional phases).

Personalize your meditation by selecting your favorite duration, color and optional begin and end sounds for every meditation phase.

Use More Meditation Timer's fullscreen timers to identify every phase of your meditation by its color, easily and without losing your meditative bliss. Large numbers display your progress and can be read even from a distance or without wearing your glasses or contacts.

For iPhone, iPod and iPad

Focusing on your meditation, instead of on the clock, has never been easier.

Features are:

  • Configure up to seven phases for ultimate flexibility and/or multiple meditations
  • Choose from seven colors to assess your progress without losing your meditative bliss
  • Configure any number of seconds or minutes (< 1000) per phase
  • Count in minutes or seconds, whichever suits you best
  • Configure an optional begin and end sound for any phase as a gentle reminder
  • Eight different bells and gongs are available to suit your personal taste
  • Easily pause or swipe the counter back or forth if you are interrupted during your session or want to extend your session
Meditation woman

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become.”
― Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

For any

The default settings are generic, but can be easily adapted for any meditation.

You can easily configure most other timed meditations with More Meditation Timer. Alternatively, use the timer to boil an egg or time your work-out, in a very spiritual way... :-)

If you have any questions or problems using the app, please contact us at instead of posting them in the rating of this app!


"Focusing on your meditation, instead of on the clock, has never been easier."

Counting your meditiation progress

Answers to Frequenty Asked Questions - We're here to help!

Can I use More Meditation Timer on my iPad?

Yes, you can, More Meditation Timer is an universal app for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Can I use More Meditation Timer on my new iPhone 5?

Yes, the screen will automatically stretch to the new screensize of the iPhone 5.

Have you tested it? Is it safe? Will it work?

More Meditation Timer has been tested for many hours and from personal experience we can say it is safe and it will give you a more peaceful meditation. It will help beginning as well as experienced practitioners to meditate with more focus and less distraction. We receive a lot of positive feedback from users around the world.

Should I use sound during meditations?

According to feedback we received from experienced teachers, the use of (end) sounds during your meditation can interfere with the effectiveness and natural flow of your meditation. It's no problem to use a sound to identify the end of your preparation phase (e.g. the pranayama), but after this it's best to remain in silence until the natural end of your meditation. Please consult with your teacher whenever in doubt or feeling uncomfortable!

If I don't want sound, can I turn it off?

Yes, you can configure which sounds (or none at all) More Meditation Timer should play on the beginning and end of every phase.

I want sound, but I don't want to be disturbed by notifications or phone calls!

This is possible. Just put your phone into Airplane Mode (Flight Mode) during the meditation. This way, you can still hear the sounds of the app but you won't be disturbed by other apps or phone calls.

How many phases can be configured for a meditation?

You can configure as many as seven different phases (stages) for your meditation. The default phases are: prepare (30 seconds), meditate (20 minutes) and cooldown (120 seconds) (which are used in many meditation sessions). Every phase can have it's own settings.

Which settings can be configured per phase?

Currently, the following items can be configured per phase: name of the phase, duration, count in minutes or seconds, color of the phase (choose from seven colors), begin sound (choose from eight sounds, gongs and bells), end sound (choose from eight sounds, gongs and bells).

It seems like my settings are not saved, what am I doing wrong?

Make sure that you tap "Save" (upper right corner) after changing your settings. Switching to the timer doesn't save your new settings, only tapping "Save" does.

I prefer not to use a sound to end my meditiation, but still want to make sure that I don't take too long. What should I do?

You can configure an extra phase (i.e. "Relax") which takes another five minutes and configure this to end with a sound. This way you create a buffer-zone between the natural end point of your meditation and a sound that reminds you that your session has ended five minutes ago (e.g. in case you fall asleep during the meditation). In this case, make sure you remove the end sound from the meditation and cooldown phases.

I want to start my session with a pranayama of five minutes. How to configure this?

That's easy! Just rename your "Prepare" phase to "Pranayama" and set the duration to 5 minutes.

If I'm not happy with the app, can I have my money back?

If you're not happy with the app: contact us, tell us your problem and we'll try to help you as good as possible. Please don't put your questions in the review section of the App Store as we won't be able to answer them! It's in your and our best interest to make you very happy with our product!

Contact us at

"Enjoy your spiritual path!"